LDpH LDpHRh LDsCL pH, Chlorine Sodium Hypoclorite, Ozone, Redox ( ORP ), Peacetic Acid, Chlorine Dioxyde, Bromine, Hydrogen Peroxyde, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conducibility, Chlorine absence, tracers

Dosing metering pumps AMS CO, VCL, VMS MF, AMS pH, AMS Rh, VMS MF, TMS MF, magnetic-driven pumps, double membrane pumps, transfer pumps

Tanks, safety bunds, pulse emitting water meters, Woltmann water meter with pulse emitter, magnetic descaler, Injection valves, injection lancs, suction lances, level probes, probe holders, Mixers and static mixers, flow meters

Amperometric cells for free chlorine chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxyde, ozone, peracetic acid, pH electrodes, Redox ( ORP ) electrodes, conductivity conducibility, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, tracers

solar panels, hydroelectric generator, wind generator

Strumenti di regolazione Cloro, pH, Torbidità, Acido Peracetico, LDsCL, LDspH; LDpHCL, LDsRH, LDpHRH, LDsTORBH, LDpHTORBH, MAX 5, MTOWER, DIN Digital, J Digital, JC Digital


Inground reinfoirced concrete pools, prebuilt zinc-plated pools, disposable formwork, above fround pools, skimmer, overflow pools

pool's cover, filters, circulations pumps, hydromassage systems, led lighting, heaters, solar showers, poll's cover, chemicals, automatic cleaner robot, pvc liner

Water treatment system for chlorine, pH, Redox ( ORP ), active oxygen, hydrogen peroxyde, salt chlorinator, ozone, algae inhibitor and flocculant pumpa